(1) Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, (2) The Beneficent, the Merciful. (3) Owner of the Day of Judgment, (4) Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) we ask for help. (5) Show us the straight path, (6) The path of those whom Thou hast favoured. Not (the path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray. (7)   
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Darul Khair Islamic Center

Prayer Hall
Masjid View

Darul Khair Islamic Center is located in Flemingdon Park area, which is the second largest Muslim community of Toronto. Darul Khair Islamic Center was built in 2001. In addition to five time prayers (with Jamah) and Jummah Salah, it also serves children and adult with education and guidance about Islam. Darul Khair Islamic Center can accommodate 250-300 people praying at a time. Darul Khair Islamic Center helps people learn about Islam and how they can bring “Ahkam” (laws) of Allah SWT and Sunnah of Rasul Allah, Mohammad SAW in their lives. Darul Khair invites and welcomes both Muslim and Non-Muslim community to come and learn about Islam.

Darul Khair Islamic Center also offers various services for the community. Our services include Matrimonial Matching, Nikah, Counseling, Youth Programs, Eid Salahs, Friday Prayers (2 seperate times), Evening School for Kids, Adult Tajweed class, Hifz Program, Aalim Program (both full time/part time for boys and girls), Marriage Counseling, weekly Tafseer of Quran, and Taraveeh and Aftar in Ramadhan.

You can also visit our classified section to list your items for sale, rent, job opportunities, and business listings.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to speak to our Imam Asif Bana, please visit our Contact us page.


  • SWT = Subhana-o-Wa-Talah
  • SAW = Sallallahu Ahlehi Wassalam
  • Masjid = Mosque
  • Musallah = Place of prayers
  • Jamah = People Praying in congregation
Iqamah Times
Fajr 5:45 AM
Dhuhr 1:45 PM
Asr 6:40 PM
Maghrib Sunset
Isha 10:00 PM
1st Jummah Khutbah 1:45 PM
2nd Jummah Khutbah 3:15 PM

Salah Start Times


Our Musallah facility is on rent. We incur other charges as well to run the facility. Please donate generously for the Masjid.