Before 2001, people within/around Flemingdon Park, used to travel approximately 4-5 kilometers each time to pray in Darus Salam with Jamah. It wasn’t possible for everyone to travel the distance without any means of transportation, for each prayer. Considering the circumstances, people in the community decided to build a Masjid, which is accessible and feasible for everyone, including the young and old, to travel the distance without using any transportation and to come and pray in Jamah.

Darul Khair Islamic Center facility came into existence in March of 2001. In the early days, it used to be a hall, which was taken on rent. Soon after, administration of Darul Khair decided to open the Islamic School for kids. Recently Administration of Darul Khair took one more apartment for rent and merged it together to extend the facility.

Darul Khair Islamic Center serves as a facility to offer 5 times and Friday prayers in congregation. It provides youth and seniors with the teachings of Islam. It also hosts various programs for youth and seniors, to guide them about Islam.

Darul Khair Islamic Center also offers various services for the community. Our services include Matrimonial Matching, Nikah, Counseling, Youth Programs, Eid Salahs, Friday Prayers (2 seperate times), Evening School for Kids, Adult Tajweed class, Hifz Program, Aalim Program (both full time/part time for boys and girls), Marriage Counseling, weekly Tafseer of Quran, and Taraveeh and Aftar in Ramadhan.