Counselling on family issues

People are who familiar with the Western culture and society know very well that in addition to other issues; family issue is one of the biggest issues of this society. Darul Khair Islamic Center plays a vital role in providing counseling to the people who are going through family issues. Darul Khair Islamic Center helps individuals, couples, and families in providing guidance to live a happy life, which is prescribed according to laws of Islam.

Counselling in general

Islam is a complete way of life and in order to apply that in every field of life, every step should be taken according to the prescribed ways and laws of Islam. In order to completely understand what those steps are, guidance should be seek through scholars, who ultimately pass down Ahkam (rules) of Allah (SWT) and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This guidance helps an individual to better his dunya (world) and akhira (life hereafter). Darul Khair Islamic Center staff consists of qualified Ulma (Scholars), so please feel free to visit our FAQs or email us.