Marriage is one of the basic needs of a human being which plays an important role in living a pious and a healthy life. If we look around us, there are several examples of pre-marital relationships in our society, which is Haram, not only in Islam but also in other religions of the world. Some of the main reasons for this are; first we don’t get married on time, and secondly we consider marriage as a burden on us, not only monetary but also burden of responsibilities. Shariat (Islamic Law) disliked a person to remain unmarried because if a person stays away from marriage and adopt monasticism then a person is going against his feelings, emotions and human nature.

Imam Behqi (RA) mentions Hazrat Saeed bin Abi Waqas quoting Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

1. “Allah (SWT) has given us a straight deen (religion) instead of monasticism”
2. “One who can get married and don’t get married, he isn’t from me”

These two Ahadess and many similar Ahadees make it very clear that marriage is an important part of a human life. It helps people of a society live their lives in a moderate way, without crossing the boundaries specified by Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW).

By performing this holy act of marriage, whole society can be saved from Moral indignity and can be bestowed with good moral character.