(a) This Book (Holy Qur’an) is a guide for those who fear Allah. One who does not fear his Master or is ignorant of his Creator, how can such a person see the path and guidance of the Holy Quran.

(b) To establish worship (Namaz) means to offer prayers with its required conditions, respect, decorum and punctuality, Hazrat Qata-dah says that to establish Namaz means to protect the fixed times of the prayers, to perform ablution (Wazu), bowing (Ruku) and prostration (Sajdah) properly.

(c) To attain success is something very high. Whenever the word ‘Falah’ (Success) is used, it indicates success of both world :—- This present one and the Hereafter. Imam Raghib has stated that worldly success means the attainment of those qualities which make the life in this world better — and this consists of life, riches respect. And success in the Hereafter is constituted by four things :— Life which has no end; riches which has no doubt of poverty; respect which is above all insults; and knowledge which admits of no interference of ignorance. May Allah bless you with every thing you desire and all your dreams comes true Ameen.